Covid-19 Information and Resources

The current global Covid-19 pandemic and our response to this is causing massive impacts on everyone. I have changed my practice to provide all assessments and treatment via telehealth at the current time. I have a bit more information about telehealth in my FAQ section. Please get in contact to find out my availability. I continue to do most sessions over telehealth until we move to Level 1 or under again, when you can choose to see me face-to-face, or continue using telehealth.
Please access information about Covid-19 from reputable sources such as the website or the Ministry of Health website:
What I would remind you all is that we are all operating in very unusual and difficult times. Some people thrive under these conditions, but most people do not! So, if you are struggling with focus, motivation, anxiety, appetite or sleep changes, productivity etc.,  please know that you are not alone and this is entirely normal and understandable.
There are many resources out there for supporting you through the Covid-19 outbreak and what this means for you and your whanau. I am posting some links to some great resources here. 
- My friends and colleagues at Heritage Psychology here in Christchurch, have developed some wonderful handouts to help you with Covid-19 and your mental health. There is also some great information for parents.
- This is a fabulous e-book with ACT-consistent help for managing Covid-19 anxiety:
- The All Right? campaign and NZ government have a website to support your wellbeing through the Covid-19 outbreak
- There are some great resources out there to support you and your children's understanding of Covid-19. You could try:

Before you commit to seeing me, I understand that this is a significant investment in your health and finding the right fit of Psychologist is really important. I will happily have a telephone conversation free of charge with you beforehand, so you can decide if it feels right for you.

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